Skrillex returns with “Butterflies,” his first track since 2019

Assisted by Four Tet and Starrah.

Skrillex is back with a new track, “Butterflies.”

The track was released on May 10, and features Starrah and Four Tet. In a departure from the DJ’s aggressive dubstep sound, Skrillex offers a cruising house number that features musty kick drums and soulful vocal samples.

Starrah provided the vocals for “Butterflies.” “’Cause everybody loves somebody / I know you’re not anybody / Butterflies when you touch my body,” she sings. The track also incorporates Four Tet’s signature organic textures, including the break’s kalimba-like tones.


Four Tet, otherwise known as Kieran Hebden, detailed the song’s production process on Instagram. The British producer revealed that the track was largely created last February during a stint in Los Angeles, with finishing touches on the arrangement and mix completed in recent weeks.

“Working with Sonny [Moore, Skrillex’s real name] and seeing his cosmic level ableton skills in real time has been amazing,” Hebden commented. He also noted that an extended version of the song was available on Beatport.


Although the track is Skrillex’s first official release since 2019’s “Midnight Hour,” the producer also dropped the song “Kliptown Empyrean” exclusively on social media platforms last year.

Starrah also recently released her debut album in March. Titled The Longest Interlude, the album is stacked full of notable features and production credits, including Nile Rodgers, James Blake and Skrillex himself.

On the other hand, Four Tet’s most recent release was Sound Ancestors, a collaborative album with Madlib which included the track “Hopprock.” Hebden also had a productive end to 2020, releasing two albums: Parallel as Four Tet, and 871 under his alias 00110100 01010100.

Listen to “Butterflies” here:

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