Skrillex, Joyryde join forces on “Agen Wida”

You’re in for an epic ride.

Skrillex has finally broken months of silence by dropping “Agen Wida,” his hotly anticipated collab with English DJ/producer Joyryde. And trust us, it’s every bit worth the wait.

The pounding dance anthem packs action and fun into just three short minutes. Skrillex and Joyryde show off their incredible teamwork, effortlessly weaving their diverse production styles to create a delicious festival banger that features all the essential ingredients: big drops, earth-shattering bass and a li’l bit of funk.

According to a tweet by LA-based producer Yultron, Skrillex’s got some new music that will “change the game again.” “I got to hang with Skrillex yesterday and he played a bunch of his new songs,” he wrote. “I was looking at him like ‘God I hate you,’ ’cause it’s so damn good and inspiring.”


“Agen Wida” will appear on Joyryde’s upcoming album Brave, out November 30.

Listen to it below:

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