Seven Lions drops trance anthem, “After Dark”

He’s teamed up with Blastoyz and Fiora on this one.

DJ/producer/composer extraordinaire Seven Lions is back with a brand-new track, “After Dark,” the follow-up to last month’s “Dreamin’.”

The song starts off with Fiora’s haunting vocals over an atmospheric soundscape. “Saw you looking through my window / Premonition of a night from worlds apart,” she sings as the song slowly gains volume and intensity.

Before you know it, the track kicks into overdrive, winding up and unleashing a killer monster beat with some help from psytrance wizard, Blastoyz. And once the pace turns up, it doesn’t slow down—so make sure you have the stamina to keep up.


“After Dark” is sinister, mysterious and exciting all at once, and proves why Seven Lions is one of the most interesting DJs in the electronic circuit at the moment.

Check it out below:

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