SBTRKT remixes Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got”

The DJ/producer transforms the opening track of ‘Coloring Book’ from cruising to bruising.

The opening track of Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book is an exuberant, gospel-tinged gem. But a few days back, SBTRKT turned “All We Got” on its head, taking it to distant, heavier territories.

Gone are the horns and cathartic instrumentation of the original. The UK DJ/producer brings forth the bass, frenetic live drums and sawtooth synth lines that add heft and force to Chano’s lyrical verses. He even adds a female vocal part that coos all over the track.

“Thought I’d share this as it’s been on my drive for a year or so,” SBTRKT wrote on SoundCloud. “Was shared the vocals by Chance and Pat, his manager, back in late 2016. Big fan of Chance and the original song, so was fun to give it my own take.”


Listen to the “All We Got” remix here:

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