San Holo announces new album with “Find Your Way”

The melancholic track features singer Bipolar Sunshine.

Dutch producer San Holo announced his new album bb u ok? with the release of its latest single, “Find Your Way.”

Much like previous single and album title track “bb u ok?”, “Find Your Way” delivers melancholic melodies from singer Bipolar Sunshine that contrast with the song’s ethereal indie electronic production. As it turns out, the conflicting emotions on “Find Your Way” and the album at large are influenced by the time San Holo spent dealing with a breakup.

“I wrote bb u ok? during a new chapter of my life, after that relationship ended. I was learning how to deal with what happens ‘after love’,” the producer shared in a statement.
“I flew to [Los Angeles] and just started writing and writing, trying to express everything I had been feeling for the last few months. The change in scenery definitely helped, going back to LA (like I did for [previous record] Album1) brought back some good memories of that previous chapter.”


San Holo has also shared a tracklist of bb u ok? that reveals some unexpected collaborations. The 20-track LP set to include some of San Holo’s idols, including Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and American Football, in addition to Chet Porter and Mija. See it below:

Coming three years after Album1, bb u ok? will be released on May 21 via Counter Records and San Holo’s own bitbird label. Listen to “Find Your Way” below:


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