Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dev Hynes star in film for Moog One launch

The quirky flick supports the launch of Moog’s first polyphonic synth in over three decades.

Moog has dropped a 20-minute short film, Moog One—A Meditation On Listening, as part of the launch of its first polyphonic synthesizer in over 35 years. The feature stars Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mark Ronson, Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange), Suzanne Ciani and more.

Shot on 8mm and digital formats, the flick echoes the original 1976 demo video for the Polymoog—the American brand’s former flagship polyphonic synthesizer. While it demonstrates the impressive soundscapes of the Moog One, the feature also explores what “listening” means to various creatives.

“Through listening, we can transform our universe—our personal universe,” Ciani says over swelling synths played by rap producer Mike Dean. “When you close your eyes and you listen, the sound is transformed into some hole that is all enveloping you.”


Watch the full film here:

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