Rüfüs Du Sol share ‘Live from Joshua Tree’ performance

Watch the Australian group play an eight-song set in the desert.

Australian electronic outfit Rüfüs Du Sol have shared a beautiful 45-minute live set from the Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

The Sydney trio explained that while finishing their 2018 record Solace, they’d gone on a writing trip to Joshua Tree, where they’d gotten the idea to perform in the desert.

“While we were out there we stayed up one night until the sun rose and this creeping light came over the valley into our room. There were these wild rock formations about 100 feet above where we were writing so we climbed up to take in the sunrise,” Rüfüs Du Sol told the Recording Academy.


“We brought a speaker with us and ‘Time’ by the Pachanga Boys came on. Watching dawn break with this epic 15-minute journey playing out, we started joking about putting together a sunrise set in the desert where we would play to no one.”

For their performance, which was recorded last September, Rüfüs Du Sol played from small platforms in the center of a field, surrounded by light columns that glowed in time with the music. The sun set across the national park in the middle of their set, adding a new dimension to their performance of “Desert Night” at dusk. The rest of the show largely consisted of tracks from Solace, aside from their sophomore LP Bloom’s namesake “Innerbloom,” plus the new track “Valley of the Yuccas.”

Watch Rüfüs Du Sol’s set below:


And stream the live album here:

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