Romy shares four exquisite remixes of “Lifetime”

Reimagined by Jayda G, Planningtorock, HAAi and Anz.

The xx’s Romy Madley-Croft recently released her debut solo single “Lifetime.” Now, she has returned with four new remixes.

“Lifetime” was crafted from Madley-Croft’s adoration of iconic club classics, Ibiza’s brand of sunny house music, and trance. The singer curated four different remixes from leading female and non-binary producers that take the track in diverging directions. Planningtorock reshapes “Lifetime” over a dirty bassline and a tight dance beat in their remix. By contrast, Anz offers a dreamy rework with elements of jungle mixed in amidst sharp keys.

Jayda G’s “Baleen remix” focuses on the song’s heavy disco influence and crafts a deep groove. Finally, Australian-born, London-based producer HAAi’s percussive reimagination sends “Lifetime” into overdrive with a syncopated beat and an immersive soundscape of synths and other reverb-laden sounds.


“I’m so excited to share four remixes of ‘Lifetime’ from four of my favorite producers right now,” Romy gushed in a statement. “When I was making the song I dreamt about being in a club, celebrating with my friends… [These remixes have] transported me back there in such different and unique ways, it’s amazing to hear! So excited for these to be out at last, dreaming of when we can be together listening to these in a club.”

A 12-inch pressing of the remixes with an added a cappella version is available for preorder from Madley-Croft’s website ahead of its release on March 26, 2021. Listen to the remixes below:

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