Robin Schulz will leave you “Speechless”

Add this track to your next party playlist.

Robin Schulz has released a new track called “Speechless,” and if you’re a fan of the German DJ/producer’s cruisy, summer-ready beats, it’s be the perfect soundtrack to what’s left of your weekend—and probably long after that, too.

Incorporating live instrumentation and catchy house beats, “Speechless” features the soulful vocals of newcomer Erika Sirola, who sings of a love so good it leaves her lost for words.

“I remember how it all started / Feeling warm though the summer,” she sings over a piano melody before the electronic elements kick up a notch. When the chorus drops, everything—the beat, the emotion, the energy—turns up to 11. “I loved you, but you left me speechless,” Sirola sings, hitting you right in the feels just as the production gets you moving.


On “Speechless,” Schulz takes a step forward, pushing the house influences in his music a little further without fully losing what makes his stuff so distinctive. Check it out below.

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