Rezz drops a brand-new, audio-visual mixtape

Welcome to ‘A Nightmare on Rezz Street.’

Bass music always seems to get a second life at Halloween, which makes sense: The hard-hitting, twisted sounds of the genre are perfect for the spooky season. This year, Canadian DJ-producer Rezz has given fans the ultimate Halloween surprise, dropping a brand-new mixtape. In full. For free.

Titled A Nightmare on Rezz Street, the mixtape pairs 32 minutes of previously unreleased music with visual art straight out of a nightmare. Watching the mixtape unfold as you listen to Rezz’s tracks not only makes for a killer experience, it highlights the creativity she’s put into the surprise project.

“I mean it when I say myself and my entire visuals team lost countless nights of sleep over this visual/audio mix,” Rezz tweeted. “But it is so worth it being able to give people this project as a gift for Halloween.”


The tracklist doesn’t distinguish between individual songs, Rezz added, because the project is intended to “flow as one entity.” So turn the lights off, turn your speakers up, and party your way onto October 31.

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