Rezz, Deadmau5 team up on “Hypnocurrency”

The Mau5trap artists collab for the first time.

Deadmau5 and his label signee Rezz have released their first-ever collaborative single, “Hypnocurrency.”

The track is a perfect blend of both producers’ established sounds, boasting dirty synths and low dubby warbles as an unrelenting dance beat keeps momentum going. While not the heaviest song from Deadmau5, “Hypnocurrency” still packs a powerful punch.

“I feel like my collab with Deadmau5 is an exact split of his sounds and mine, which is a high standard I set before ever sending him an idea,” Rezz tweeted ahead of the song’s release last week.


An accompanying animated visual for “Hypnocurrency” depicts Deadmau5’s iconic Mau5head bouncing through a dense cityscape. The two producers have also released a handful of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in line with the release, the highest of which sold for $8,500.

Rezz signed to Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap in 2016, releasing her most recent project in 2019: the Beyond the Senses EP. Deadmau5, most recently collaborated with The Neptunes on the track “Pomegranate.”

Listen to “Hypnocurrency” here:


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