Ready your tissues for Marshmello, Bastille’s “Happier” video

This is a story about a girl and her four-legged friend.

Marshmello’s “Happier,” his collaboration with UK group Bastille, has been another stone-cold smash for the 26-year-old DJ/producer. The heartfelt dance pop banger has already racked up over 100 million streams around the world—and the official video should add more than a few YouTube views to the tally.

Set in the ’80s, the video follows a girl (played by Miranda Cosgrove) who’s bullied for her braces and always picked last in gym class. But she has her best friend in her dog, and with him the world is a bit brighter.

Be warned, though: This one’s a tearjerker as much as a feel-good tale of friendship. And while it all ends on a warm and fuzzy note, you might need tissues beforehand.


“Recently I lost my dog, which was really hard for me,” Marshmello said of the concept. “I wanted the video to embrace the pain that we feel losing someone close to us and the cycle of life.”

Check out the video for “Happier” below:

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