R3HAB drops new banger, “Wrong Move”

He joins forces with THRDLIFE and Olivia Holt on the track.

American electronic producer R3HAB has dropped a brand new track, “Wrong Move”—and it’s a straight-up smash.

Teaming up with dance duo THRDLIFE and pop up-and-comer Olivia Holt, the track is a banger that brings together a seriously catchy pop hook with a fresh, fierce EDM beat.

The track starts out low-key, with Holt singing about a rendezvous with a mysterious lover. But it doesn’t take long for the beat to kick in and for the chorus to take things to the next level. “All of my instincts keep on pulling me into you / Trying to stay distant ’cause I don’t want a / Wrong move,” Holt belts out on bridge before the drop hits with a vocal hook that’ll ring through your head all day.


The track’s ridiculously catchy and it’s bound to be a hit on the dancefloor. Stream it below:

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