Purity Ring release “Peacefall,” “Pink Lightning”

Hear two more tracks from the duo’s new album, ‘Womb.’

Canadian electronic pop duo Purity Ring have dropped two new songs, “Peacefall” and “Pink Lightning.”

“Pink Lightning” is paired with an offbeat visual of a journey through computer windows, while “Peacefall” comes with a video of Purity Ring’s Megan James chain-stitching its lyrics.

“Heavy as the weight in my chest o this seldom dread, lying in the dark with a wake curled over my head / In all my blood I’d rather be found o my recklessness, thunder o the fury of peace,” James declares on “Pink Lightning.”


Both tracks, along with the previously released “Stardew,” will appear on Purity Ring’s upcoming album, Womb. It breaks a five-year silence since their last album Another Eternity, though they did put out the one-off track “Asido” in 2017.

Womb is due for release on April 3 via 4AD. Watch the video for “Pink Lightning” here:


And watch the clip for “Peacefall” below:

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