Purity Ring release new album, ‘Womb’

Hear their first album in five years.

Purity Ring—aka Megan James and Corin Roddick—have shared their third album, Womb.

The follow-up to their 2015 sophomore LP Another Eternity was heralded by early singles “Stardew,” “I Like the Devil,” “Pink Lightning” and “Peacefall.” In a recent interview with Life Without Andy, James said she hoped fans could relate to Womb’s nuanced approach to loneliness.

“I think [Womb] encompasses [loneliness] in a way that represents contentment with it,” she explained. “So, I hope it’s something that ends up being more comforting than isolating. And I think that comes from a place of writing how I usually feel about the world. I often feel isolated and misunderstood and alone. I think a lot of people feel these things all the times.”


Like their previous albums, Purity Ring’s latest LP was entirely self-produced. The pair have maintained the same practice across most of their career, aside from Jon Hopkins’ production contributions to their 2012 debut Shrines.

Listen to Womb below:

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