Preview Special Request’s DJ-Kicks mix with the ‘Compassion’ EP

The mix, full of “lush melodics,” is out next month.

British producer Paul Woolford, better known as Special Request, has been tapped by label !K7 for the next DJ-Kicks mix.

Woolford has previewed the mix with the brand-new EP Compassion. It contains two tracks from Woolford’s forthcoming mix with an additional song—the title track—that is exclusive to the EP. It opens with the expansive “Vellichor” and its enveloping soundscape of dirty synths, before stripping back the intensity on “Petrichor” with the help of 96 Back.

Woolford’s DJ-Kicks mix is set to contain cuts from Psyance, Sun Ra, Alicia Myers and LS1 Housing Authority. The 25-track mix collects Woolford’s all-time favorites, he said in a statement.


“I have wanted to create my own edition of DJ-Kicks since hearing Claude Young, Stacey Pullen and Carl Craig’s contributions back in the mid-’90s,” Woolford said in a statement. “I always saw the series as a benchmark of quality and a time-stamped gateway into an artist’s state of mind. For this volume, I wanted to focus on lush melodics. I kept that as a constant thread throughout, choosing only records I cherish.”

News of Special Request’s DJ-Kicks mix comes just after his single with Amber Mark, “Heat,” which was co-written by British singer Celeste. DJ-Kicks: Special Request will arrive on March 19 via !K7.

Stream Compassion here:


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