Powell drops two albums, announces multimedia project

‘a ƒolder’ will combine Powell’s music with film and image work.

Powell has released two albums to introduce a new multimedia project, dubbed ‘a ƒolder.’

The two new albums, aƒ18_flash across the intervals_lp and aƒ19_multiply the sides_lp, are available on Bandcamp and will go wide on streaming services this Friday. The first record, Powell wrote on Bandcamp, was “inflated by the cultivation of a certain joyfulness.” The second, he said, “could be read/misunderstood as a twin to” its counterpart.

The releases are, Oscar Powell explained on Instagram, “part of a non-linear series of albums/collections that will be released over the course of the coming months.” They kick off his new ‘a ƒolder’ project, which will combine Powell’s music with the work of filmmaker Michael Amstad and visual artist Marte Eknæs.

In that same Instagram post, Powell characterized ‘a ƒolder’ as “a release that starts now and grows indefinitely… a polyphonic outputting organism that can be perpetually inflated by the things we put inside a folder.”


This new project comes two years after Powell’s two New Beta EPs. His last full-length album was Sport, released in 2016.

Visit the official site for ‘a ƒolder’ here, and listen to Powell’s new albums below.

aƒ18_flash across the intervals_lp:

aƒ19_multiply the sides_lp:


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