Porter Robinson shares euphoric single, “Something Comforting”

Hear the second preview of the producer’s new album, ‘Nurture.’

Porter Robinson has shared “Something Comforting,” the second single from his sophomore album, Nurture.

The Atlanta producer struggled with writer’s block and depression after his 2014 debut album Worlds, working hundreds of hours each week trying to compose music. Robinson was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to write anything again, he shared on Twitter.

But one of the hooks of “Something Comforting” was the breakthrough moment that kickstarted his creative flow, and he built Nurture from there.


According to Robinson, “Something Comforting” “was the very first thing that I knew I was going to keep. I’ve probably listened to it like 10,000 times, maybe more. I would just listen to it obsessively because I was like, ‘This is good enough. This is my taste. This is my shit.’”

Nurture’s first single, “Get Your Wish,” arrived in January. It has been nearly six years since Robinson’s last album, but the producer did release an eponymous techno-dance EP under his alias Future Self in 2017.

An official release date for Nurture has yet to be confirmed. While you wait for more info, listen to “Something Comforting” below:


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