Porter Robinson announces new album with “Look at the Sky”

‘Nurture’ will be the producer’s first major studio release in seven years.

After sharing a run of tracks over the past year, Porter Robinson has officially announced his second album Nurture with the release of its latest single, “Look at the Sky.”

The new song is the fourth cut from Nurture, following “Mirror,” “Get Your Wish” and “Something Comforting.” Its initial spark came at an important time for Robinson in his struggle with writer’s block. Consequently, “Look at the Sky” is a story of hope built on surreal flourishes of synth pop with a gorgeously delicate acoustic bridge arriving midway through.

“I wrote this song at my lowest point emotionally, when I thought I couldn’t make music anymore, and I wasn’t sure if my existence would have any meaning if I couldn’t make music,” Robinson shared in a statement. “In the lyrics, I’m sort of imagining what life would be like once I was on the other side of all that fear and anxiety and sadness. I’m happy to report that it’s amazing on the other side of all this, and I’m so glad I had hope and persisted.”


Nurture will arrive on April 23 via Mom+Pop. It comes seven years since Robinson released his debut album, Worlds. The producer’s road to Nurture was long and rocky, paved by writer’s block, anxiety and mounting pressure to continue his skyward trajectory. As his creative slump began to fade, Robinson found inspiration in rave music and released an EP under the alias Virtual Self in 2017.

Listen to “Look at the Sky” here:

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