Peking Duk, Jack River get high on “Sugar”

A throwback to the early ’00s.

Australian electronic duo Peking Duk have teamed up with singer-songwriter Jack River for a new song, “Sugar.”

The track combines the pair’s knack for progressive EDM production with a massive pop hook that recalls the early noughties. But despite the song’s major throwback vibe, “Sugar” still sounds super fresh.

It kicks off with a distorted guitar riff and River’s light, layered vocals. “Talk to me / I’m waitin’ for a ride outside / Baby when you’re close to me / I don’t wanna waste your time,” she sings over Peking Duk’s dreamy, candy-colored production.


In a press statement, River discussed the makings of “Sugar.” “I had a vision for some time of making a whole song inspired by the vocals from all the amazing pop songs I grew up on,” she said. “We all loved this idea and started to listen to all the best sounds of the early 2000s.”

Listen to “Sugar” below:

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