Pearson Sound releases “Earwig” off upcoming project, ‘Rubble’

It’s the Hessle Audio man’s “first (and maybe last) acid track.”

British DJ/producer Pearson Sound—real name David Kennedy—has released “Earwig,” which he declares is his “first (and maybe last) acid track.”

On “Earwig,” Kennedy takes his time pulling apart queasy synth loops over leisurely percussion. It’s arrived with a video that matches its weirdness—created by artist and filmmaker Leila Ziu, the clip features a colorful cast of costumed characters dancing jerkily across the screen while bits of hardware float meaninglessly around them. Yeah, we don’t know either, but it does fit the song’s vibe.

“Earwig” is one of three tracks on Rubble, an EP that Kennedy’s dropping November 16 on Hessle Audio, the record label he’s co-run with Ben UFO and Pangaea since 2007.


Watch the video below:

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