Party with aliens in the video for Baauer’s new track, “Aether”

‘Planet’s Mad,’ indeed.

New York producer Baauer—real name Harrison Rodrigues—has released “Aether,” the second explosive cut from his upcoming album Planet’s Mad.

The title track from the album arrived last month with an otherworldly animated music video. “Aether” continues the alien-infested story with bizarre computer-generated visuals that depict a nightclub heaving with both extraterrestrial and human dancers.

“It is still. Quiet. Magnetic,” the producer cryptically wrote of the new release on YouTube. “It first called to me from aeons away. I had been listening to the harmonies of the universe, the music of the spheres. It is lonely in the void. And there came the tone of a timbre sweeter than any other. Calling to me, calling for me. And so I set out to meet it. To find its source. To confront it.”

“From a distance, I saw only its energy. Pulsing with lifeforce: the only occupant of its system. As I got closer, I saw its parts green and blue. Inviting enticing delicious. Ripples. Water. Sustenance. I watched it. It watched me. And I called to it. Called it my own. Aether.”


“Aether” arrives with an accompanying B-side, “Yehoo”. Where the former track explodes with dynamic dubstep-inspired electronics, “Yehoo” roots itself in reggaeton with a little help from fellow producer Holly.

Planet’s Mad arrives on June 5. Watch the video for “Aether” below:

And stream both “Aether” and “Yehoo” here:


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