Panda Bear shares video for new track “Playing the Long Game”

“An undercurrent of speaker-limit-pushing sub-bass low-end.”

Panda Bear—aka Noah Lennox—has shared a video for his new single, “Playing the Long Game.”

In the abstract clip, Lennox takes a walk in drylands as three mysterious masked figures follow him. The Animal Collective member eventually arrives in a dark room where menacing projections of the masked figures float around him, though he swiftly escapes the room and runs away.

On the trap-inflected track, Lennox employs an “undercurrent of speaker-limit-pushing sub-bass low-end,” as per a press release. He added that the song “is about a brief series of thoughts I had one morning about who I am, what I’m doing, and where I’m going.”


Lennox previously dropped his sixth studio album Buoys in February. Also released were videos for album cuts “Dolphin,” “Token,” and title track “Buoys.”

Watch the video for “Playing the Long Game” here:

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