Panda Bear drops new song, “Dolphin”

The Animal Collective member has another solo project on the horizon.

Panda Bear has dropped a new solo track, “Dolphin.” And no, the recurring animal theme—coming from an Animal Collective member, no less—isn’t lost on us.

“Dolphin,” true to its namesake, sounds distinctly aquatic, from the looping sample of a liquid droplet to the warped vocal effects. Panda Bear—real name Noah Lennox—exudes tenderness, but remains cryptic: “I’ll always find you / Knelt down upon the knees,” he croons.

The song will open the forthcoming nine-track album Buoys, due out February 8 on Domino. It comes four years after Lennox’s last solo full-length, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, though he did release the vinyl-only EP A Day With the Homies last year.


Buoys was co-produced and co-mixed by Rusty Santos, whom Panda Bear devotees will recognize as a collaborator on his seminal 2007 record Person Pitch. This new album, though, “feels like the beginning of something new,” Lennox said in a statement. So fans definitely have cause to be excited.

Watch the trippy animated video for “Dolphin” below:

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