Overmono pay tribute to Andrew Weatherall on new EP

“Clipper – Another 5 Years” appears on ‘Everything U Need.’

Overmono—aka English electronic producers Tom and Ed Russell—have released their new EP, Everything U Need.

Their first release since their team-up with Joy Orbison for 2019’s “Bromley” and “Still Moving,” Everything U Need offers fans a cohesive, free-flowing sonic experience—which is fitting, seeing as Overmono have described the project as “their most complete record to date.”

The duo teased the compact four-track release with the title track “Everything U Need” alongside their melancholic cut “Clipper – Another 5 Years.” The latter track serves as an homage to the late producer and acid house maverick Andrew Weatherall.


“‘Clipper’ was written just after Andrew Weatherall sadly died,” the duo recalled in a statement. “In the days after his death we went on a massive Weatherall bender, listening to all his various projects. We don’t usually listen to much music when we’re writing, but in this case there’s no doubt the influence of his back catalog shaped this track.”

Listen to Everything U Need below:

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