Odesza release fan favorite “Loyal”

They’ve been dropping the track in live shows for a while now.

Anyone who’s been to an Odesza show lately will likely tell you that one of the highlights of the set had to be “Loyal,” an unreleased track that the duo have played live for years. Fans haven’t had the chance to enjoy the track outside of the concerts, though—until now.

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight recently released the track in all its studio-quality glory, and it goes off just as much it does in a live setting.

You can clearly hear all of the elements that make the track such a fan favorite: the tribal chanting, the epic build-up to the drop, and that signature Odesza flair.


For those who’ve known about “Loyal” for some time now, the wait has no doubt been worth it. If you’re new to the track, get ready to blow out your speakers.

Stream “Loyal” here:

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