Objekt teases new album with “Secret Snake”

‘Cocoon Crush’ is due on PAN in November.

Berlin-based producer Objekt—real name TJ Hertz—has released a song off his upcoming album, Cocoon Crush.

“Secret Snake” is a six-minute journey through an alien audioscape—reedy, robotic synths mingle with guttural vocalizations and haunting, atmospheric sounds that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack of a horror film.

“I spent most of 2014-2018 working on [Cocoon Crush] and it’s quite a personal record for me,” Hertz wrote on Facebook, noting that the new album is “more purpose-built” than its predecessor, 2014’s Flatland.


“This time it’s the LP itself that feels like the red thread running through an eventful four years of my life,” he added. “I’m curious (a bit nervous even) to see how that translates to a wider audience.”

Cocoon Crush is out November 9 on PAN. Listen to “Secret Snake” below:

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