Ninajirachi, Kota Banks drop deluxe edition of ‘True North’

The Aussie duo add three more songs to their 2020 EP.

Australia’s Ninajirachi and Kota Banks have delivered a deluxe edition of their 2020 EP True North.

Originally comprised of seven songs, True North stretches to ten tracks on its deluxe release. The pair have leaned on pop culture a number of times for the lyrics of True North, but none more so than new addition “Slytherin”, a fun new sex-positive romp that directly references Harry Potter.

The producers dial back the intensity on “Kissing U,” delivering a simmering R&B electronic cut. The vibrant “Secretive!,” on the other hand, showcases Ninajirachi’s eclectic production over a speedy beat.


Ninajirachi and Kota Banks met when Nina Las Vegas, the DJ/producer and head of NLV Records put them together in a session. While nothing came of that first time in the studio together, the pair remained close and met up in 2019 to try again. That session resulted in the song “Vice Versa” and laid the foundation for True North. “We’ve been working together so much that our brains have just fused together and we have the same thoughts because that’s exactly what I was going to say,” Kota Banks told NME.

Listen to the deluxe edition of True North here:

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