Nicky Romero is going the “Distance”

Olivia Holt join him on the cruisy EDM track.

Nicky Romero has just dropped his first tune of 2019. “Distance,” which features guest vocals from up-and-coming pop star Olivia Holt, is a radio-ready, pop-friendly EDM track that combines catchy vocal hooks with a tropical-influenced production.

“When we were apart, all I’d ever do is think about you / Syncopated hearts, light years away but I still feel your every move,” Holt sings on the opening, making it clear that this song is more of a heartbreak-on-the-dancefloor number than a hands-in-the-air banger.

But Romero’s sleek take on tropical house will still fill club floors—or at the very least, soundtrack plenty of pool parties over the next few months.


“I’m really proud of this collaboration with Olivia Holt,” the Dutch DJ told Billboard Dance. “She has an incredible voice and has been so supportive throughout the entire creative process. The emotion in ‘Distance’ really connected with me from the first time I heard the demo.”

If anything, “Distance” proves that there’s still room for tropical house—and crying on the dancefloor, if you’re into that—in 2019. Check it out below:

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