Each week, we pick the newest electronic music tracks and music videos to have on your radar. Here are our favorites:

“Buoys,” the title track of Noah Lennox’s sixth studio album as Panda Bear, is a gem. The mesmerizing track features distorted vocals from Lennox over a sparse guitar-led melody.

DMX Krew, real name Ed Upton, has been putting out music as part of the British underground scene for over two decades. The musician, who works almost exclusively with hardware, has released “Jagged,” the funky new track from his upcoming record, Glad to be Sad.

Laurel Halo is due to release a DJ-Kicks mix next month, which includes two originals from the Michigan native. One of them, “Sweetie,” is available now. The track stuns with its addictive booming bassline and wobbling synths.

Released on Valentine’s Day, Kygo’s “Think About You” is a romantic dance track that features a rhythmic electric guitar riff, dramatic piano chords and twinkling synths. Valerie Broussard’s emotional vocals round off the sentimental song.

Zedd and Katy Perry have teamed up for “365,” a spellbinding love song. The track incorporates bouncy synths, hypnotic bass and breathy vocals from the “Roar” singer. It was released alongside a science fiction-inspired music video.

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