Nature and psychedelia take over in Ross from Friends’ “Epiphany” MV

A memorable visual for the title track of the producer’s new EP.

English producer Felix Weatherall, better known as Ross from Friends, has shared a music video for his song “Epiphany.”

“It’s just a dream,” Weatherall repeatedly whispers as director Theo Nunn slowly takes the viewer through an abandoned science lab. The research facility, it appears, was experimenting with audio-enhancing plants before the flora took over and ensnared the building.

“Epiphany” was inspired by Weatherall’s experiences watching sci-fi films like The Thirteenth Floor, The Matrix and The Fifth Element. “I wanted the release to play on the idea of a desolate physical and social landscape becoming a utopia from a communal epiphany—or revolution,” he explained in a statement.


The video “guides the viewer on a breadcrumb trail to collective transcendence,” Nunn explained. “Through our journey we follow the traces that chart the transformation of a culture, its abandoning of scientific conventional progress and the evolution of a musical enlightenment and psychedelic renaissance.”

“Epiphany” serves as the title track of Weatherall’s latest 12-inch EP, which arrived via Brainfeeder last Friday.

Watch the video here:


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