Martin Garrix uploads his ‘ANIMA’ performance in full

Watch the DJ’s two-hour Amsterdam set in all its 4K glory.

For weeks now, Martin Garrix has been teasing fans with clips of his ANIMA performance. But today, the full set is finally up in stunning 4K resolution.

The “Animals” DJ debuted his ANIMA set during the Amsterdam Dance Event at the RAI. Over the span of the show, Garrix performed tracks such as Breach (Walk Alone),” “High on Life” and “In the Name of Love.”

The two-hour performance uses CGI and spectacular lighting to tell a story about an artificially intelligent being “waking up, self-aware, and analyzing the world,” said the Dutch DJ during an episode of The Martin Garrix Show. “The bot transcends, and there’s a void, and leaves the computer.”


Garrix was also recently named the number one DJ of 2018 by DJMag, holding on to the title for the third year running, and his excellent ANIMA performance leaves no doubt as to why.

Watch the DJ’s entire two-hour set below:

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