Martin Garrix reunites with Bonn on “Home”

A road-tested blend of grunge and house.

Martin Garrix has unveiled the music video for “Home,” his latest collaboration with Swedish singer Bonn.

Garrix borrows the grungy, instantly recognizable guitar sound of the ’90s (think Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”) to kickstart “Home.” The music video for this new track emulates the hard-partying lifestyle of rock stars from that decade, too, following Garrix on a bender as he gambles, drinks, joyrides a motorbike and evades cops on the way home. He manages to sneak in a small karaoke session with Bonn as well.

Garrix debuted the collab live at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan earlier this year, and was encouraged by the crowd’s reaction to the song. “Home” marks the third time Garrix and Bonn have worked together, following “No Sleep” and “High on Life.”


“Bonn and I have been working on lots of new music together and I just can’t get enough of it,” the Dutch producer shared in a press release. “The vibe we have in the studio is something else and I love his voice. I’ve already tested ‘Home’ during my latest shows and I’m super happy with the responses I’ve been getting from the crowd.”

Tail Garrix in his video for “Home” here:

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