Martin Garrix releases “Hold On” with Michel Zitron

With additional contributions from Matisse & Sadko.

Martin Garrix has returned with a brand-new song, “Hold On,” featuring Swedish hitmaker Michel Zitron.

The song is a euphoric, festival-ready EDM banger that features all the hallmarks of a Martin Garrix standard: laser-like synths, inspirational lyrics, and, of course, a satisfying beat drop. “I’ll dry every river in your eyes / I’ll light up the darkness in your mind / Remember when life feels so unfair / Hold on, hold on, we’re almost there,” Zitron belts on the chorus. Russian DJ duo Matisse & Sadko also contribute production.

“Hold On” wraps up a busy 2019 for Garrix. He churned out a handful of singles over the year, including “Used to Love,” “Home,” “These are the Times,” “Summer Days,” “Mistaken” and “No Sleep.”

Turn your speakers up to “Hold On” below:



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