Martin Garrix, Bonn don’t need “No Sleep”

This marks the duo’s second collaboration.

Martin Garrix has teamed up with singer Bonn for the uplifting single, “No Sleep.”

The duo’s new track is just as infectious as their previous collaboration, “High on Life.” The song features sustained piano chords, rumbling drums and energetic synths, with soulful vocals from Bonn. “I don’t need no sleep / ’Cause I’m already dreaming, already dreaming / Say you’ll never leave / Because I love the feeling, I love the feeling,” he sings on the chorus.

The accompanying video follows Garrix and Bonn on the road, as they endure air travel and enjoy downtime at a ski resort. Home movie-styled footage is also spliced into the visual, adding a touch of warmth.


“No Sleep” is Garrix’s first release since the DJ dropped his entire two-hour-long ANIMA performance on YouTube last December. Watch the video for the new single below:

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