Marshmello releases “You Can Cry” video

The Juicy J and James Arthur collab is performed in sign language.

It’s been a few months since Marshmello released “You Can Cry,” a collaboration with rapper Juicy J and British singer-songwriter James Arthur. But the video for the track only just dropped over the weekend—and it features the DJ performing the words to the track in American Sign Language (ASL) alongside an ASL interpreter.

Stripped away of any extra people, backdrops and narratives, the clip gives Marshmello and his partner space to clearly sign all the words that make up the lyrics to the track. It’s rare to see the deaf or hearing-impaired community being represented in music—particularly EDM—so this video’s definitely a special and heartwarming one.

The clip has been released in partnership with the mobile app, and Marshmello has encouraged viewers to learn the sign language to the song and upload their versions to the app, too.


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