Marshmello goes back to his roots with ‘Joytime II’

The fluff-master’s latest album is nine tracks of nostalgic house goodness.

Say what you want about his recent endeavors, but Marshmello’s latest album, Joytime II, is a love letter to the fans who’ve stuck with him since day one.

A follow-up to 2016’s Joyride, the “OG LP,” according to Mello, hits pause on the rap, pop and other high-profile collaborations that have led him to unprecedented success over the past few years, and hears him returning to his house, trance and EDM roots.

Each of the nine tracks is designed to get your heart racing. The fluff-master flexes his creativity and EDM muscles with a broad range of synth- and bass-drenched sounds, consistently in his signature blend of electro and trap that harks back to his earlier days.


The album was first streamed during a live Twitch session, where the DJ played some Fortnite with pro-gamer Ninja. Go nuts, Mellogang.

Listen to the new album here:

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