Markus Schulz releases new track, “On My Shoulders”

Delivering another festival-ready banger.

German-American DJ Markus Schulz loves a festival crowd. So much so, he’s gone and dropped a high-octane EDM tune that’s dedicated to them.

“On My Shoulders” features the vocals of Sebu from Capital Cities, and it’s an infectious, uplifting track that incorporates trance and progressive elements—with a vocal hook that’s distinctly pop

“Carrying you upon my shoulders, so you can let go / Hands in the sky, the world is spinning and turning to gold,” Sebu sings before a huge post-chorus drop takes the energy up another level.


In a statement, Schulz mentioned that he produced the track as a love letter to the crowds that throng his festival sets. “‘Upon My Shoulders’ is about them, no matter where they are from, or what genre or nationality. We live united in a world we create for ourselves, and leave all the worries behind.”

“Oh My Shoulders” will appear on Schulz’s upcoming record, We are the Light, which lands sometime later this year. Until then, you can stream the track below.

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