Mark Ronson, Diplo release new Silk City single, “New Love”

Featuring Ellie Goulding.

Mark Ronson and Diplo have returned to their Silk City project, releasing the new single “New Love” featuring Ellie Goulding.

The dancey track is the first Silk City release since their 2018 smash hit “Electricity” featuring Dua Lipa. “New Love” arrived with a vibrant music video, directed by Ana Sting, that stars Goulding as both the glamorous performer and debonair doorman at a glittering discotheque. Ronson and Diplo don’t pop up in the visual, though their mugshots appear in the form of missing person portraits on a milk carton.

“I’ve known Mark and Wes [Diplo] for years and it seemed only right to make a tune together, at a time where we all need to dance and be free, even if just in our kitchens,” Goulding said in a statement. “The song is about losing yourself on your own, not needing to be seen, knowing that the one that got away could be just as happy as this too. The main concept is dancing on your own not needing to be seen.”


Ronson and Diplo have been busy since Silk City’s 2018 debut. In 2019, Ronson dropped the album Late Night Feelings. Diplo, on the other hand, released albums as part of LSD (a trio with Labrinth and Sia) and Major Lazer (2020’s Music is the Weapon). Last year he also released the ambient album MMXX and dove into country on the record Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil.

In 2020, Goulding released the album Brightest Blue. Watch her perform in the “New Love” video below:

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