Madlib, Four Tet join forces on ‘Sound Ancestors’

Edited and arranged by Four Tet, using hundreds of files provided by Madlib.

Madlib and Four Tet have joined forces on the album Sound Ancestors, which is out now.

Previewed with the tracks “Dirtknock,” “Hopprock” and “Road of the Lonely Ones,” the 41-minute record offers plenty of Madlib signatures: chopped vocal samples, dusty loops and unpredictable grooves. There are also some identifiable Four Tet sensibilities, such as the ambient flourishes that have characterized his more recent, New Age-leaning material.

Four Tet—real name Kieran Hebden—arranged, edited and mastered the album, using hundreds of files from Madlib, including unfinished beats and live instrumentation from unused studio sessions.


“I wasn’t looking at it being like I want to stamp my sound onto his in any way,” Hebden told the New York Times. “It was more, I want to take the things I like the most and make them as good as I possibly can.” As a result, Hebden altered and manipulated the files Madlib had sent him, but didn’t create any new sounds.

Stream Sound Ancestors below:

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