Madeon releases the ecstatic “Dream Dream Dream”

    A bright new single from his forthcoming ‘Good Faith’ project.

    Image: Madeon official Facebook

    French DJ/producer Madeon has released “Dream Dream Dream,” the second single from his next album, Good Faith.

    The producer first aired the track on his brand-new show, Good Faith Radio, on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. The upbeat song, which makes extensive use of empowering vocal samples, is about “celebrating the joy you’ve earned,” Madeon explained on the air.

    “I really was really happy when I made it,” he said, “because I felt like it captured what I was trying to achieve aesthetically with Good Faith, and what I was trying to communicate in terms of lyrical content and just meaning and purpose.”

    Madeon has yet to confirm an official release date for Good Faith. While you wait for more details, listen to “Dream Dream Dream” here: