Loraine James drops track from new EP ‘Nothing’

Her follow-up to ‘For You and I’ is out next month.

Loraine James has shared a new single “Don’t You See it” from her upcoming EP Nothing.

Guest vocalist Jonnine Standish (also a member of HTRK) sings on the track over reverb-laden piano chords, thumping percussion and harsh, staticky needles of sound that slice through. The lyrics of “Don’t You See it,” Standish said, are about the complications that can come from entwining yourself in a bad relationship.

“Just thinking about someone is a direct energy force that can hold that person unconsciously and your energy can get messy, and tied up together like a knot,” the Australian artist said, per Mixmag.


Nothing is the first major studio release from James to follow her 2019 LP For You and I, though she did drop an EP on Bandcamp at the top of the year. The producer wanted to innovate on her new material and so publicly called for artists to collaborate with her. Alongside Standish, Uruguay musician Lila Tirdo a Violeta and UK-based Iranian rapper Tardast will both appear on Nothing, leaving closing track “The Starting Point” as the only song without an outside collaborator.

Nothing will drop via Hyperdub on October 2. Listen to “Don’t You See it” below:

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