Listen to Squarepusher’s ambient soundtrack for a children’s TV show

The show, ‘Daydreams,’ and its lulling soundtrack are designed to help the little ones fall asleep.

Children’s TV shows aren’t the first thing you’d think of when Squarepusher is concerned. But the electronic music legend, real name Tom Jenkinson, managed to find a snug niche where his gurgling sounds and kids’ programming can mingle.

And it’s called Daydreams, a production by the BBC’s children’s network, CBeebies. Released earlier this month, the show is an example of ‘slow TV,’ and is designed to help the little ones fall asleep. Enter Squarepusher, whose gentle ambient soundtrack will lull even the grown-ups to slumber. Think swelling synth chords, the pitter-patter of rain and gossamer guitar melodies that swirl around Olivia Colman’s steady voiceover about natural phenomena.

Chill out to Daydreams here:


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