Listen to Sofia Kourtesis’ new EP ‘Fresia Magdalena’

The Peruvian producer honors her parents on the personal new project.

Peruvian producer Sofia Kourtesis has shared a new five-track EP Fresia Magdalena.

The follow-up to last year’s Sarita Colonia EP, Fresia Magdalena introduces a slew of new experimental soundscapes and textures, bolstering Kourtesis’ already varied discography. Early single “La Perla” was written with the intention of forming a live show around its dreamy swathes of percussion and echoing vocals, while the hypnotic, dancey “Dakotas” closes out the EP.

Kourtesis’ new release is special for a number of reasons. Not only does Fresia Magdalena mark her first time singing on record, but its open-hearted sound was partly inspired by the time Kourtesis spent with her father before he died from leukaemia. The producer also honours her mother Fresia’s hard work as an activist working to improve the lives of people in Magdalena, Peru by naming the release after her.


“My last EPs were about happiness and losing it and three-day raves with my best friends, but this one had to be more about reflecting on my life,” Kourtesis told NME of the decision to open up on the new EP. “It was a big step to be without my samples or machines talking for me.”

Stream Fresia Magdalena here:

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