Listen to PURGE’s remix of Odesza’s “Just a Memory”

An aggressive dubstep take on the atmospheric tune.

Odesza’s “Just a Memory,” featuring singer-songwriter Regina Spektor, was one of the highlights of the electronic duo’s 2017 album, A Moment Apart. Earlier this week, PURGE breathed new life into the track with a killer remix.

On it, the DJ/producer adds a touch of his signature dubstep sound, while still holding onto some of the gentle, melodic elements of Odesza’s original. The result? An explosion of face-melting bass, perfect for the dancefloor.

Spektor’s vocals have been tweaked, too, pitched down to match the remix’s hard-hitting melody. But that doesn’t mean her verses are any less powerful or heartbreaking. You can still hear the longing in the lyrics––a reason why Odesza’s original was such a fan favorite.

Check out PURGE’s take on “Just a Memory” below:

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