Listen to Liquid Stranger’s new song, “Burn Like Sun”

Another standout track from the Swedish producer.

Liquid Stranger has long had a rep for defying expectations, and his latest single “Burn Like Sun” is yet another EDM curveball from the Sweden-born, US-based electronic musician.

Featuring the vocals of Leah Culver, the bass-heavy track begins with frantic string instrumentation, before Liquid’s hard-hitting electronic production kicks in. “Like a star that shoots like a gun / Let’s burn, let’s burn like the sun,” Culver belts over warped synths, video game blips and chopped vocals.

Liquid’s knack for combining different electronic sub-genres has led him to create a complex and layered soundscape that still feels dreamy. It’s quite the combo.


Stream “Burn Like the Sun” below:

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