Listen to dubstep producer Rusko’s new EP

‘Has Made Five More Songs’ harks back to Rusko’s roots, throwing grime, dub and two-step sounds into the mix.

Rusko has bounced back from his battle with cancer by releasing a new EP, Has Made Five More Songs. Dropped yesterday, the five-tracker sees the UK producer return to his dubstep roots, bringing in old-school dub, skengman rap and two-step influences to the table.

Unlike contemporary ‘future bass’ DJs, Rusko prefers a far more subdued production. Sure, there are earth-shattering wobbles and buzzing basslines, but don’t expect ‘#epic #drops’ in the EP. In fact, two of the tunes, “High” and “Emotional,” are downright low-key, melodious affairs.

On its own, Has Made Five More Songs offers a brief chronicle of dubstep’s development: from its emergence in the late ’90s, to its pinnacle in the mid-noughties, to what a producer-oriented version of it may sound like in the future.


Check out the EP here:

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