Listen to Dr Ozi’s new ‘Vital’ EP

With the hard-hitting four-tracker, it’s clear that the up-and-coming bass music DJ/producer is on the rise.

Dr Ozi has been gaining hype for a minute now, and his new Vital EP is bound to louden the chatter. The four-tracker, released earlier this week, is everything a basshead needs: nasty screeches, hard-hitting production and heavy beats to headbang to.

The four bangers fit into the modern dubstep mold, all tested by the DJ/producer in studios and clubs to keep things tight and nose-bleedingly loud. Previous Dr Ozi collaborator MagMag also reappears on one choon, “BLT,” spitting grime-y bars over a relentless sonic assault.

Listen to Vital, off Never Say Die Records, on SoundCloud here:


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