Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas release “Martin 5000”

Their new album has been in the works for over a decade.

Norwegian space disco duo Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas have announced their new album, III, with the release of groovy new single “Martin 5000.”

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas have been working on this new, six-track record for 11 years now—since the release of their last collaborative album, II.

“There’s a different process with every album,” Thomas said, per Stereogum. “With the first two albums, we had a door between separate rooms in the studio, so I could open my door and play him something. We also toured together a lot after the first album, and after that experience we realized that we work better together at a distance. We’re doing our best work by not worrying too much about what the other one of us is doing.”


“Our partnership is very democratic—we never turn down each other’s ideas And if it goes wrong, we blame it on the other guy,” he added. “The tracks that Lindstrøm sent me this time were almost like standard house tracks. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, so I forced those tracks into new shoes and dresses.”

III is out November 20 on Smalltown Supersound. Listen to “Martin 5000” below:

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