Kygo, Miguel team up on “Remind Me to Forget”

The Norwegian DJ’s new single may be about break-up, but it comes in a summery, danceable package.

Heartache is the undercurrent of Kygo’s new single, yet it isn’t a downer of a tune. Dropped late last week, “Remember Me to Forget” stars Miguel in top form and the Norwegian DJ’s trademark tropical house production, which lifts the track from downtrodden to upbeat.

Kygo lets Miguel take the lead on the track. As the alt-R&B singer stretches his lungs and croons about heartbreak, Kygo puts his light touches all over the song: bouncy beats, sugary synths and a vibe that screams “sunset beach party.” “You left your mark, reminding me to forget,” Miguel repeats on the chorus—an apt description for Kygo’s production itself.

Check out “Remember Me to Forget” here:


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